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Nafa Belt Bag Python

$350.00 CAD

The Nafa belt bag is, like the Nafa crossbody, inspired and named after the traditional nafa bag used by Senegalese women. original nafa is a small bag, usually triangular, that was worn around the neck or as a crossbody. It was used by some women to carry pipes and tobacco. No Senegalese woman would wear a traditional costume without a nafa. Lingeers too (queens and princesses) would not go out without their colourful nafas.
Colour: Beige

Material: African Python Tanned in Senegal

Dimensions: Height: 15cm x Width: Top: 13cm Width Bottom: 15cm x Depth: 4cm

Belt Length: 103cm – Silver Hardware

Lining: Leather

Shipping restrictions: Ships only in Canada & Senegal
Made in Senegal
Dust Bag included, Hand Dyed in Senegal

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